Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bad Bloggers

Wow we are not good at this blogging game at all. I guess we really are not that exciting. Nothing to interesting has happend in the last 2 months. Work is picking up for me, the nice weather gets people thinking about projects so I have been busing meeting people and getting bids out. Work is going good for Nicole things are really picking up for her as well. My nephew Max was in town the other weekend that was alot of fun. He and his Mom (my step sister Alexa) live in Floridia so we don't see them very often. So we had to get him something to remember Uncle Don And Aunt Nicole by so what better present than a toy chain saw. He loved it he wanted to cut everything down. Other than that Nicole's highlight was probably catching her first sucker. We went fishing last Sunday it was a lot fun even thow she out fished me.

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